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Open Source CMS Vs Commercial CMS. Which Is Best To Build Your Business Website?

Open Source CMS Vs Commercial CMS. Which Is Best To Build Your Business Website?

The reasons to build your website with a custom design are many and crucial!

With such a plethora of open source content management systems, you might think it’s a luxury to build your business website with a commercial CMS. However, if you don’t just own a blog or a one-page static brochure website, the reasons for a comercial CMS are many and crucial.

While open source should be there to help you avoid reinventing the wheel, yet sometimes you really have to become an inventor in order to make it suit your exact needs. You need lots of time to make it work as close as what you had in mind in the beginning, while solving a series of problems such as finding out which CMS is best for you, how each one works and why certain elements don’t seem to work.

OpenSource does not fit you

Endless hours spend on reading, developing and testing and what you get if you are lucky in the end, is the best possible business website your open source CMS can give you. Furthermore, your job is not done. You must always be alert to solve any problems that might arise, plus you have to deal with all the headache and risk to destroy everything, each time you need to add extra elements to your website, such as a new service.

On the other hand, a commercial content management system will give you a high performance website that totally matches your desires, needs, future needs and all that, without a minute spend by you in searching, reading and testing things you really don’t know if they will be useful and functional in the end.

Bottom line, open source CMS requires huge efforts on your part, limits your freedom and in certain cases, you don’t even get a choice on very substantial matters. And this might sometimes be OK for a blog because well, mainly it’s free but for a business website with very specific needs and demands, a fully customizable CMS is not a luxury; it is a necessity.

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