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BDigital - Our 13 Years Journey!

BDigital - Our 13 Years Journey!

Thank you all for your trust and kind support!

When we first decided to establish BDigital back in 2001, our belief that digital services in a soon to be World Wide Web connected world would prevail, was more than a certainty. However in Cyprus, our vision and industry were a bit difficult to even explain since most of our services were completely unknown.

You see back then, the internet was a very suspicious thing for the elders, while for everyone else it was a geeky and expensive activity, meaning mainly chatting and video gaming. Furthermore, the digital services didn’t seem to apply at all in the Cyprus business field.

A few years later of course, everyone was convinced that there is no going back and digital is the only way to be but back then, we first had to educate most of our potential clients. Although nowadays, we all know that digitizing data or the creation of a website is the first essential step for a business, back then most business owners would see it as a luxury; an extra cost with little or even no return on their investment apart maybe from prestige.

During these exciting 13 years and after the first difficult years, our deep knowledge and skills helped us do great projects, gain prestige and enjoy amazing experiences! We became the first to ask when a brand wished to go digital while in many cases we advised or even created government projects.

Our equal creativity opportunities to all our clients helped us work for numerous small, medium and massive companies in Cyprus and abroad. After all these amazing years we believe that our strength lies in our love and passion for what we do and our strong relationships with our clients.

Thank you all for your trust and kind support,
The BDigital Team


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