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Facebook Contests. Why You Should Say Yes!

Facebook Contests. Why You Should Say Yes!

Increase Likes, Shares, Engagement, Page Rank and Brand Awareness!

Facebook contests, is the best way to increase your fan’s engagement and make them revisit your page or applications for more. Furthermore, winning a big prize or small prizes weekly or even monthly is an extra motive for your fans!


A Facebook Contest Will Help You Increase:

  • likes – fans usually have to like a page in order to participate to contests. That way, you increase the number of fans in your page
  • shares – fans tend to share anything they like, so unless you ask them to (in order to participate to the contest) it is highly probable that they will do it anyway if your contest is something they want to share with friends!
  • engagement – fans will play in contests and interact the way you ask them in order to win the prize plus you create an active community around your brand
  • page rank – the bigger the interaction of the fans the bigger the page rank and thus the reach of your page
  • brand awareness – a successful page has a better opportunity to talk about the brand to more people. Also, if your contests are successful and your fans happy, you can soon be a love brand!


Your contest prizes don’t have to be expensive. Actually, fans seem to engage more in contests with small prizes given often than in big contests with one big prize. That is somehow logical and has to do with how likely each user thinks it is to win and thus, they prefer contests with small prizes given away all the time.

Facebook contests are probably the best way to increase your likes, your brand awareness and create true interest to your fans in what you and your brand have to say! 


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