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Create Videos For Your Business. It works.

Create Videos For Your Business. It works.

Increase your brand awareness and profits by investing in videos to talk to your audience!

We could just tell you once again how popular is YouTube, the billions of videos that are being watched every single day around the globe and the Vine and Instagram hype but apart from the obvious there are many other reasons to convince you to invest in videos in order to effectively promote your business.


Business videos… 

...are easier for users! Instead of reading or trying to understand from images, your products and instructions are better demonstrated through videos plus they are much easier for users to watch. 60% of users will watch a video before reading text in a product page!


…can give twice the info in a shorter period of time. Did you know that the amount of information one may use in a one-minute video is actually pages and pages of content that no one would ever read?  If you have a lot to say then a few short videos will help you to easily pass all the information to your audience.


…shape your brand and increase your brand awareness! In videos, apart from texts and images you may use bigger stories, music and various ways to bring out emotions and better connect with your audience. Videos will help you shape your brand, show your values and principles and spread your Story!


…can be exciting, interesting and fun! Users will have great time learning about your products when seeing an inspiring video than just reading text or viewing your product’s images. Videos are a unique way to make your products cool and interesting!


…show professionalism and prestige. A company that instead of just using text or images, creates quality videos in order to help customers with instructions or promote its products,it gains prestige, is perceived as an expert and a professional by the users and also possesses a serious advantage against its competitors.


In the following infographic you may see what type of content works to better market your business video:

 Video Marketing

Also, check out a unique infographic about the evolution of video making from the ‘70s until today:

 Video Making Evolution

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