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One Page Websites. The new trend?

One Page Websites. The new trend?

In one page websites, information is really easy to find and that may increase searchability and traffic!

Javascript at its best and lots of creativity can make a really fast multi-tabbed website to help brands communicate information in an easier and faster way!

Vertical or horizontal, the navigation in one page websites is really interesting and fast, and thus, information is easy to find. That may increase searchability and traffic for the website which is the main reason it is really trending right now!

However, since the value of one page websites is in concentrated and focused information, they are mostly proper for events, new product launches and especially, for any additional - one subject - information a brand wants to communicate.

As for the design, there are no limits;
this one page microsite can follow the brand’s website design or it can be totally autonomous and creative! Either way, although it demands high technical skills, it may boost your brand awareness in no time!


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