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What Is (Your) PageRank?

What Is (Your) PageRank?

View Google’s most important ranking factors

Your website is ranked from 1-10, where 10 is the highest. What’s more, this rank is not final. To get a good PageRank and keep it or even improve it, you need tons of SEO (search engine optimization) work and a website designed from the beginning to be search engine friendly. In order to better understand this term, how it works and what you can do to improve it, keep reading.

In a few words we could say that PageRank is Google’s algorithm for ranking your website, containing almost 200 factors. Although we won’t go technical, you need to see the whole picture because this algorithm defines whether your website will be visible by Google and all search engines, as well as a few other important things that determine your website’s functionality.

In a brief, the top factors that are crucial to any website that wants to rank high are the following:

If your content is interesting, original, informative, up to date, unique and to the point for what users searched in the first place (mainly in Google) then your rank goes up big time. Copying other website’s content can lead to a very low PageRank.

Links to your site from high quality websites
That is the main reason of spam comments in news and high traffic & quality websites. If a high ranked webpage links to you then your rank improves too.

Domain maturity
A domain that is 10 years old ranks a lot more than a domain of 2 months. If your domain is new, whether you improve it or not, your rank will improve (a little bit) in time anyway!

Diversity in your backlinks (blogs, articles, news portals, etc.), that is, different types of backlinks and not similar, will show Google that you are not a spammer. Thus, you provide valuable content and you are a trusted website with good reputation.

Be Social
Use social media daily to share your content, update your website often and watch your search results go higher as well as your page authority and PageRank.

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