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Digital Marketing Trends For 2014

Digital Marketing Trends For 2014

The most important statistics that will set the digital marketing trends for 2014!

Since social media and digital marketing budgets are expected to double over the next 5 years, it is essential to take a look at the statistics that will set the trends in the marketing mix for 2014

The Big Facts & The Hottest Marketing Trends

78% of CMOs think that custom content is the future of marketing

52% of marketers have found a customer via Facebook in this year

86% is the increase in conversion when videos are used in landing pages

43% of marketers have found a customer via LinkedIn in this year

67% more leads are generated from B2B companies that blog

Marketing teams will spend 135 billion dollars on digital marketing collateral

25% will be the percentage of internet advertising over the entire ad market by 2015

158% is the increase in click-through rates coming from social sharing buttons in mails

33% of traffic from Google search results visit the first item listed

72% of PPC (pay per click) marketers will increase their PPC budget in 2014

50% of companies now have content marketing strategies

54% more leads are delivered by inbound marketing than by traditional outbound marketing

Our brain processes visual content 60.000 faster than text!

See more in the infographic below:
2014 Digital Marketing Trends

Source: Social Media Today

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