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Your Website Stinks? Top Reasons to Rebuild It!

Your Website Stinks? Top Reasons to Rebuild It!

If more than one reason applies to your website then rebuild it and see your sales go up!

It doesn’t fit all platforms
Responsive design is not a luxury. You need a cost-effective web design that will cover every mobile device, all resolutions and probably all future devices, software and inventions and that is responsive design. 

It is slow
As most statistics indicate, a website that doesn’t load in a few seconds has no chance at all because users don’t wait in such a fast paced digital environment. They just move on the next website. Experienced web developers and designers will use latest technology software and techniques that will help your site be faster and thus more functional and user-friendly.

It doesn’t reflect the brand anymore
A new website will help you build a new updated and modern image for your brand that will align nicely with your online audience as it will renew your connection with your existing audience and will attract new customers. In other words, it will bring your brand to life!

Need to update content structure 
A content strategy is crucial for your website’s success because it is not just what one can find in your website and where. It is a very complex technique that involves SEO practices, techniques to improve functionality and creation of very brief but accurate information.  A website with compelling visuals, short witty texts and clear structure is what you need.

Wish to go global but can’t add languages
You want to take advantage of a global audience’s enormous potential for your business but in order to target specific audiences then you should add their spoken languages too. However, you can’t be using the internet ‘’highway’’ on foot. Get a proper vehicle and give yourself a big ride and also plan for the future. You need a website build in a platform that can support as many languages as you wish because each additional language you use, will greatly increase your reach and the potential of your business!

Not social, not sharable & can't connect with customers
You cannot ignore social media anymore because at the end of the day it is your reputation at stake. People talk all the time about brands, their new purchases and love to review products and services. If you wish to be there, gain their appreciation and speak for yourself, you should have a social website with friendly, sharable and appealing content. You need a website that will give your customers reasons to speak about it, comment on it and share it’s content. 

Can’t update content at all or/and cannot do it myself
By investing in a CMS (Content Management System) you will be able to create, manage, distribute and publish any type of content to your business website. It provides you with all the tools to create the content, review and publish it. You may also manage the structure of your website, the appearance of the published pages and the navigation provided to the users. In brief, you never have to rely upon web developers to make updates to your website again!

My website does not appear at search engine results
A search engine friendly website is more than essential because it will position your website among the first results in web searches which basically mean more clicks, brand awareness, higher page rank and eventually leads and sales. A careful and professional SEO structure will give you the position your brand should have.

If you are still skeptic about it then have in mind that rebuilding your website is your most valuable investment and should be your top priority as nowadays, your website is your most important marketing and sales tool.

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