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Mobile Marketing Trend Alert: Mobile Coupons!

A digital marketing trend that is here to stay since most big players are about to give in

mobile coupon

Since mobile advertising tends to be the next big winner
over traditional and as many say, digital advertising too, it was about time that a long discussed concept that is tried for a very brief period of time is soon to become huge trend.

Many big players are about to give it a shot as it is now a well-known fact that mobile has firmly established itself in the advertising scenery.

mobile coupons

Mobile technology has evolved greatly since the QR codes while mobile coupon redemption is considered by most marketers to be the next best thing to loyalty programs and consumer rewards. If you are not familiar with the concept, mobile coupons combine digital discount coupons and mobile phones.

According to BrainSins, the mobile coupon industry is about 5.4 billion dollars already and is expected to reach 43 billion dollars by 2016!

mobile boarding pass

David Snow, Juniper Research analyst, and author of the report, “mobile coupons are going mainstream” gives the main reason for that: “Cost-effective mobile coupons campaigns are now within the reach of smaller retailers providing them with an easy way to drive profitable football and build customer loyalty”.

mobile coupon deals

If you too are considering mobile coupons for your business, take a look at this amazing infographic from Mobile Marketing Watch to find among other things, some extremely useful data about the coupon trend in general, the consumer’s needs regarding mobile coupons, how they are delivered and the predictions of global mobile coupon growth.


Mobile Coupons Infographic


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