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Is Your Content Really King?

Is Your Content Really King?

Find out the critical content conditions of a profitable digital marketing strategy for your business!

A successful online and social marketing strategy doesn’t only take great or engaging content; it also needs relevant content that creates conversions and guarantees revenue. If those three conditions are not met then you are not doing business, you are just publishing for free.

Why content should be relevant. In the past, it was a very frequent tactic to create great but irrelevant content in order to attract as many users as possible to your social media pages and then publish relevant content. 
It is not a wrong tactic altogether as long as you keep a rational percentage of relevant content to your pages. If not, this method usually leads to two main problems. When the relevant content is published, most users will unsubscribe or ignore the page and the second problem, the followers/ fans that will remain will mostly be random users with no connection to the brand and absolutely no interest to engage to the content. This usually leads to ghost pages with thousands of users and very little or even no interaction.


Why content should be able to convert. In many cases such as the above, great content, even relevant content, seldom leads to further engagement with your brand. The goal is to achieve any type of action from your fans such as likes, comments, visits to your website or even filling out an online lead form. This requires at least some interest from their part.
The secret is to create relevant engaging content by giving your fans some value. There are many ways to add value to your content - and thus your brand – such as by video testimonials of your customers, data sheets, product reviews, webinars, helping videos with instructions for your services/products, expert’s advice for your consumers etc. In any case, even if your content is relevant it is not enough. It should also be able to make your fans want to talk to you, talk to their friends about you or want more from you.


Why content should guarantee revenue. Think again who you are and what your main purpose is. Engaging to online marketing requires huge efforts, planning and resources to succeed, so why bother if it doesn’t increase your leads and profits?
Your content could be relevant and able to convert but if it doesn’t guarantee revenue then you are only making consumers more intelligent and for free. You don’t need content that creates value; you need content with business value.


Digital and social marketing is the art to offer your customers constant valuable information, educate and help them, but always expect them in return to consider your business their first choice to fulfil their needs. And that’s exactly what a professional marketing strategy and content developing team can help you achieve.

Need help? Our Digital Marketing team can create amazing relevant and engaging content that will guarantee revenue for your business! Feel free to contact us! 


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