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Leap Day Foundation

Leap Day Foundation

What if everyone gave this extra day to charity? One extra day every four years can make a difference for our community!

Leap Day FoundationLeap Day Foundation

The Client

What if everyone gave this extra day to charity instead of just having it absorbed like all the other 365 days of the year in routine activities?
Leap Day Foundation aims to do good work for deserving causes by taking advantage of the extra day nature gives us once every four years.

It was established in the Republic of Cyprus by 5 friends: Frixos Savvides, Chris Georghiades, Mehran Eftekhar, Christos Christodoulou and Mufid Sukkar, who resolved to stage a variety of activities encouraging people to give some of their effort, time or influence to raise money for charitable funds, without necessarily focusing on a specific cause.

Although it takes its name from Leap years, the foundation resolved to remain active every year in order to encourage individuals and organizations to think of others and give their time/effort/influence to raise money for the deserving causes.

The Challenge

  • Design a fresh, happy and clean website for the Leap Day Foundation
  • Organize and display data in a smart, accessible and user-friendly way
  • Ensure compatibility of the website on various devices
  • Add content management system to allow editing and updating of content

The Solution

  • Design with happy, giving and inspirational look and feel
  • Home page inspirational slide show with compelling visuals
  • Simple and fast navigation with clear content categorization
  • Content in English and Greek languages
  • Adaptive design with excellent compatibility to multiple screen resolutions and tablets
  • Content optimization for better online searchability

The Technology

The Results

Our cooperation with the amazing LDF team led to a beautiful and youthful website with engaging content that inspires users to participate, contribute and help the ones in need. We are very excited and proud to sponsor such a noble effort for our community!
More about our Leap Day Foundation sponsorship.

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