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Mobile Behavior Report Just Released!

Mobile Behavior Report Just Released!

Find out how consumers use their mobile devices and the true current state of mobile behavior!

Many interesting facts and consumer’s trends were revealed in the new mobile behavior report for 2014. For instance, did you know that text messages from brands could be considered as very useful from users?

Would you ever believe that for 85% of users, mobile devices are a central part of their everyday life and that for 89% of users, mobile devices allow them to stay up to date with loved ones and social events?

Among the most striking was that an astonishing 86% of consumers say it is very important to have a seamless experience across all devices! Also, 91% of users found text messaging from brands they had already subscribed to,somewhat or very useful!

Take a look at the following infographic and be prepared to give in to the mobile trend!


Mobile Behavior 2014

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