Dionysiou Beauty Spa Gets One Of The Most Informative Websites About Beauty Treatments!

Dionysiou Beauty Spa Gets One Of The Most Informative Websites About Beauty Treatments!


The Client

Dionysiou Beauty Spa is a scientific weight loss and beauty spa center with a warm and friendly atmosphere which helps the body, spirit and soul to relax. Our team of experts active in the beauty industry since 1993 offers a great selection of therapies and the latest beauty technology. Located in Limassol, Cyprus and constantly evolving in order to offer the best treatments and ensure lasting beneficial effects.
In Dionysiou Beauty Spa all treatments are taking place in private rooms to ensure exclusivity and discretion in an environment of absolute calmness with distinct fragrances and sounds, may be the best getaway from the everyday life.


The Challenge

  • Reflect brand reputation as a beauty expert
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase awareness of promotions
  • Reflect emotions of relaxation and beauty through design


The Solution

  • Homepage mood slide show reflecting brand’s core values (beauty, health, happiness)
  • Homepage “Super Offers” promotional block
  • Categorization of products and services according to area or type of treatment
  • Homepage blocks containing treatments, events, expert tips and offer packages for easier access and promotion of the website’s content
  • Multimedia elements to support the detailed information about technology used and treatments, throughout most sections of the website
  • News section with information about new beauty treatments and technology
  • News and offers promotional icons in every page


The Technology


The Results

Dionysiou Beauty Spa now possesses one of the most informative websites about spa, technology and beauty treatments, helping users learn and easily find solutions for any beauty concern and thus, driving traffic to the website and establishing the brand as an expert in its field. Furthermore, the stylish and appealing design demonstrates health, beauty and harmony, three basic elements of the Dionysiou Beauty Spa customer experience.

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