Find Beauty In An Elegant Online Shop. Check Out Esthetique Shop!

Find Beauty In An Elegant Online Shop. Check Out Esthetique Shop!


The Client

Esthetique Shop, is a cosmetics shop created by Dr. Svetlana Verhoeven-Iliazova who also provides aesthetical medical treatments in her clinic since 2007. Through deep experience in the aesthetical medical market she built up an extensive knowledge of good quality local products, commonly known as “cosmeceuticals” (cosmetics + pharmaceuticals). 
Esthetique shop aims to slowly, but steadily, increase the range of products it offers, always based on their philosophy, due to the worldwide growth of the market of cosmeceuticals and as a result of extensive and on-going scientific research by specialized pharmaceutical and biomedical companies.


The Challenge

  • Create website and e-shop that reflect brand reputation as an aesthetical medical treatments expert
  • Create an e-shop within the website with a user friendly interface and with the use of new technologies
  • Reflect emotions of relaxation, youth and beauty through design
  • Increase awareness of the company’s products and brand
  • Access to a stable CMS to control and update the site’s large volumes of products
  • Create a communication channel with customers on a monthly basis with Newsletters


The Solution

  • Fast, appealing, detailed and easy to use e-shop
  • Integration with payment gateway for online payments
  • Smart product categorization according to each product’s treatment area (eyes, lips, body, hands etc)
  • Detailed product pages with appealing visuals
  • Easy and fast product search by brand or indication
  • Creation of homepage promotional slideshow
  • Developing of a CMS platform that allows editorial control over the content
  • Integrate a  Newsletter Management System for easy creation of Newsletters


The Technology

  • WebStudio eShop with PayPal Integration
  • Integrated Newsletter Management System


The Results

We developed an elegant and youthful online cosmetics store with an appeal especially to women of all ages that love beauty and cosmetics.
The user friendly environment and appealing content encourages visitors to increase their visit time, browse products and make their purchases.

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