Our Website For Kathimerini, The Most Historic Newspaper Of Hellenism!

Our Website For Kathimerini, The Most Historic Newspaper Of Hellenism!


The Client

Kathimerini is the most historic and reliable newspaper of Hellenism published from a number of very distinguished and experienced journalists with daily news and information from Greece, Cyprus and Southeastern Europe.
Based on the research of an independent company Watch Media, increased readership of the newspaper is booming. Despite the minimum time it can be found in kiosks, it also managed to get into the DNA of the Cypriot reader and obtain permanent readership.


The Challenge

  • Organize and display content in a smart and accessible way and on any device
  • Be consistent with brand and printed publication
  • Incorporate advertisers without an aesthetic damage to design
  • Increase site traffic and optimize for the search engines
  • Add content management system to allow editing and updating of content


The Solution

  • Consistency of content categorization with the printed version
  • Use of creative design ideas to incorporate advertisers without disturbing the general look and feel such as smart and discrete banner positions
  • Inclusion of homepage “News Room” and “Agenda” block to keep readers informed about the latest news and events
  • Creation of homepage slideshow with main articles and news
  • Creation of "Oppinion" block with the paper’s most respected voices, leading to each journalist articles
  • Use of various multimedia elements and blocks throughout the pages for the better information, navigation and usage of the website’s content such as Videos, Weather, Stock Market, Newspapers Headlines etc.
  • Creation of a “Specials” photo footer containing titles and pictures of the latest special articles
  • Inclusion of a “Readers Comments” feed block to encourage online community engagement
  • Inclusion of Popular Articles feed block to promote commented articles
  • Creation of a Mobile Application for the mobile viewers of the website and a digital Newsletter


The Technology


The Results

We worked closely with Kathimerini Cyprus and developed an innovate and vibrant website with a clean yet inviting design and content architecture. Readers can now find their favorite newspaper online or in their mobiles and get updated with the latest news and events, search for past articles, comment, share and be a vital part of this welcoming e-paper.

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