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How Is The Multi-Platform and Digital Revolution Going?

How Is The Multi-Platform and Digital Revolution Going?

Digital News Report 2013. The place, the way and the type of content consumers prefer today.

Mobile, social and real-time 

By these three words we do not only characterize the news consumption in 2013 but also most consumers’ preferences regarding the online content. As noted at the survey’s summary ''audiences increasingly want news on any device, in any format and at any time of the day''!
Of course, the rates are very different depending on geography, culture and of course, government policy. In Europe, Germany and France seem to show strong allegiance to traditional forms of media rather than digital.


Mobile and Tablet use rapid growth

Among the most notable results of this year’s survey is that in many countries, the Smartphone users are the majority. Denmark is leading the way with 43% weekly news usage from a smartphone.

 Mobile and Tablet use rapid growth

Further growth of multiple devices

It is not surprising that users nowadays give in to the trend of multi-platform consumption. One third of the survey’s global sample is found to use at least 2 devices to read news while a 9% uses more than three devices. And according to several online researchers, this trend also increases the consumption of news as well as the frequency of accessing news and online content, in general. 


Newspaper purchase and digital news paying

However, the newspaper purchase remains relatively high in most countries. Japan comes first (68%), Europe follows with Italy 59%, Germany 56%, France with the lowest percentage 39%, and US 42%.
Half of the global sample said that they had bought a newspaper during the last week while only 5% said they had paid for digital news. And although most online newspapers don’t yet charge their readers, still there is a notable rise in the number of respondents that pay to read online news. More specifically, it is a 5% (+5) in the UK, 13% (+5) in France and a 12% (+3) in USA.


The place we read online news

71% of online users accesses news via the computer when in their workplace and 84% from the radio when they are in their car. In Denmark, it was found that people on public transport are twice as likely to use their smartphones to read the news, 63%, as to read their news on paper, 33%,  while in the UK the percentages change as to 48% for mobile use, 34% for print and 6% for tablet.

You may view more key findings here but as a bottom line, keep this: the only way to go is mobile, social and real-time!

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