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Commute with Smart Wheel Propel Bicycle App!

Commute with Smart Wheel Propel Bicycle App!

Mobile Applications shape trends and biking now looks ''cooler''!

Commute with Smart Wheel Propel Bicycle App!Commute with Smart Wheel Propel Bicycle App!Commute with Smart Wheel Propel Bicycle App!

It seems that nowadays, one doesn’t only have to build a great product. If you want to better market your product, maybe shape a new trend or get people see it as more ''cool'', you must accompany it with a mobile application.

Biking is already a common way to commute in many places around the world but this new product is about to make it a lot more fun! It took two years for FlyKly to make the Smart Wheel which is the first intelligent wheel for bicycles! You just replace the rear wheel with the Smart Wheel – in just one minute- that does the hard work of pedaling for you. It actually is a slender electric motor that has the capability to carry a biker up to 20mph for 30 miles!

Now, this really helpful and very promising product would do great in the market anyway, but as it seems, a mobile app can do that and a lot more faster. Thus, along with the Smart Wheel, bikers get the app that controls it, downloaded to their Android, Pebble or iOS device and one more gadget, the Smart Light, that apart from being the bike’s light also holds and charges the smartphone.

What the Smart Wheel app does, apart from controlling and locking / unlocking the Smart Wheel, is that it maps the most convenient, safe or best scenery route. It also provides the bikers with statistics about their average speed, their ride duration and the pedaled distance. Furthermore, if the bike gets stolen, it’s build-in GPS alerts owners via the app and tracks them. Social wise, users can share routes with friends or anonymously with city planners.

The Smart Wheel app does nothing extraordinary but if you see the whole picture, you get a product that not only solves a problem (commute without getting tired) but also gives you a full and better experience of a healthy and already trendy activity.
That’s in a shell the digital era’s marketing!

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