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Play Store Attention Seeking Reviewers Change the Game

Play Store Attention Seeking Reviewers Change the Game

A new annoying trend spotted on Play Store that largely affects users, publishers and developers!

Next time you visit Play Store for a new app or game don’t pay attention to the stars but the actual text of each review! A new phenomenon that was firstly mentioned in the blog AppWared seems that will spread fast in Play Store!

Users that actually like an app write a very good review but give only 1 star in order to be seen. One-star reviews are visible from readers, in fact they are shown first because Google shows ‘’the most helpful comments’’.

''Narcissistic Jerks'' seeking attention at any cost can be found everywhere. You can see them photobombing Instagram with a gazillion of themselves duck facing or flooding Twitter with provocative comments about other users or with every second of their busy (;) schedule. Now, they want to take over Play Store affecting the future of some really cool apps and games, destroying hard work and true professionalism and all that, just to be seen first. 

What's worst, big names such as Disney and Where’s My Water 2 (the phenomenon was first spotted there) can’t be affected after their huge amount of downloads and publicity but small apps and developers will never stand a chance. 

As we see it, the only way this can be fixed is with the help of other users who will either star those applications with the stars they really deserve or report users that seek attention in this awful way. 

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