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Social Media and Return On Investment. What’s Your ROI?

Social Media and Return On Investment. What’s Your ROI?

How do you measure the return on investment for your social media campaigns? Do you know what works?

From our experience until yesterday and especially for small and medium sized businesses, the ROI of social media marketing was the key point as to whether a company would continue to invest on social media or not. Of course now, it’s more than clear for all that you can’t just say no to an online presence or social media marketing and furthermore, that ROI is not just the money in your pocket, although it indicates how effective your marketing strategy is.

ROI can give you a great amount of information about the way your business is done, your potential, your effectiveness and of course, your customers and potential customers. Expecting results in a day as you did with traditional advertising, is not the correct way to measure your results in social media.

You have to first build a strong relationship with your audience so that you can start gaining trust, exposure, prestige, clients and then cash; which you can’t have with traditional media unless of course, you spend a fortune. That is the main reason why social media marketing is so valuable for businesses.

However, ROI is a very tricky and complex term used by marketers and often analyzed in much more complex terms which make it really hard for most business owners to understand. In the following infographic see the basic factors that will determine your success and will help you improve your results with social media marketing.

Find out among other things, the emerging and proven platforms, which activity can offer you the highest ROI, the key objectives and which metrics are used by CMOs to measure social media activities.

Social Media ROI


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