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The Small Business Social Media Cheat Sheet

The Small Business Social Media Cheat Sheet

Learn the most popular platforms, their lingo, how to begin and their audience size!

Social media is a very confusing territory for most small and medium business owners and for a very good reason: they are so many and are growing really really fast, making it impossible to follow if you are not an online marketer.

You need to know what each platform does, the special terms used, the ways you can advertise and reach to your audience and also analytics. You also need to find out which platform is best for your industry, let alone its popularity in your country. And the list never ends.

Furthermore, things get much more complicated for business owners who decide to create a social media presence themselves across almost all popular social media platforms because they feel they should have a social media presence. This is one of the top reasons whysmall brands abandon social media in the first 6 months.

Most amateurs do not have the time to learn each platform’s usage and special tricks and they can’t understand basic things such as RTs in Twitter or what a Green post in Google+ is. Analytics is the next big issue.

 Although the best way to create, manage and gain profit from a social media presence is to hire professionals, you could take a look of what the biggest social media platforms can do for your business and get an idea of their potential.

In the following infographic, you may find everything you need to know about most social media platforms in order to get acquainted with their use, how they can help your business keep up with the Social Media Era!

The Social Media Cheat Sheet

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