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Reasons Not To Ban Social Media In Your Company

Reasons Not To Ban Social Media In Your Company

Social media bans in workplaces don’t work. Find out why!

It’s a common practice for numerous small or medium companies not to allow social media use in the workplace. Most business owners don’t trust their employees and believe that social media is a huge time waster. On the other hand, they pay significant amounts of money to professionals for PR, HR, social media, networking and digital marketing.

If you don’t see the paradox yet, then maybe you should keep reading. A social media ban won’t only show mistrust but will also alienate all young (and most passionate) employers and will show lack of support.

Why Banning Social Media At Work Doesn't Work

What’s more, the funniest thing about these bans is that in the end of the day, social media use is not banned. That is, if you haven’t banned mobiles too. Yes, a smartphone will keep employees online who will most possibly tweet about how stupid this ban is and how awful it is to work for you.

If you think about it, it’s all about control and control is a huge myth. You can never control your image, your message, let alone people! You can never control what your employees say about you when they are outside the office or on the phone.

If an employee is underperforming then you shouldn’t blame social media for they are an amazing working tool he should be using!

The internet and social media is not a parallel universe anymore, it’s a vital part of our social lives. If you wish for brand awareness, effective networking and a great marketing for your products then let your employees use social media or better, encourage your employees to use social media. 

A happy employee that feels trusted will talk about you and your brand in the best possible ways, will work with passion for you and will feel proud about the company’s achievements spreading your message further. For free.

If you wish for an effective Social Media plan for your business, then our team will be more than happy to help you!


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