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Manage Your Online Business Reputation In Social Media!

Manage Your Online Business Reputation In Social Media!

Ignoring internet is not an option anymore. The majority of your customers are online talking about you!

Are you afraid of social media? Take control of your online business reputation easily!

Until now, business owners couldn’t do many things about their business reputation. You could just build it by working really hard but not manage it; at least, not entirely. What customers thought about you or your business, the bad comments that have the tendency to spread faster than light, wasn’t something you could be aware of unless it was too late.

Those peaceful but less profitable days are now gone for good. Your online reputation is fully managed, can be controlled and what’s more, it can even be improved bringing you more profit; as long as you deserve it or work fast and hard for it. Here are a few things that will give you an idea of online reputation management:

Ignoring internet is not an option anymore. The majority of your customers spend lots of hours online so if you want to continue existing they should be able to see you and interact with you.

Business owners have to realize that they are not just a brand anymore, regarding their online identity. Brands don’t just talk through banners and ads anymore and people don’t just listen.

Especially in Social Media, people want to talk to you, ask for prices, share your latest products, tell their friends about their last purchase from you. And you have to be there. Fast, honest, polite and human. 

Find the social media networks that work best for your brand’s audience regarding your business’s industry and the popularity of the network in your country or targeted countries. For instance you can’t target Russia with Facebook or speak to lawyers via Pinterest.

Listen to your customers. Search everything that is written about you, find ways to link your pages to your customers and start listening.  If they don’t talk don’t hesitate to ask. People love to share their opinion.

Share all the positive reviews about your brand! Every positive review should be shared as much as possible. Spread the good words in as many networks as you can, thank the authors and put those reviews on your website.  They will be there forever and for everyone.

Have an excellent customer care! Answer, help and generally be always there when a customer or a potential customer needs any kind of information about your services or products. People will appreciate it, your list of customers will increase and in people's minds you will soon be considered as an expert. Find out the new insights on social customer care.

Handle all negative reviews. If your customers face a problem with your products or services it’s more likely that they will tag you, link you and confront you directly and publicly. It is up to you to turn this around. The best thing you can do is hire a professional and you’re done. But you can always follow these helpful rules:

Be fast. In Social Media, time runs really really fast.  If you want to change the audience’s opinion about you, it should be right away before the incident is forgotten and they already got a negative disposition towards your brand. Also, if you are late then there is a risk of a wider spread of the initial comments which will demand double work to answer to.

Be honest. Speak the truth about why a problem occurred if it is your fault. Sometimes people need the plain truth than huge formal letters of excuses and rants about how good a brand is. Just answer with a few words and say I’m sorry. They will appreciate the quick answer let alone that you were honest and plain about it.

Stay Human. Being a brand doesn’t exclude you from socializing.  After all the manager behind a brand’s account is always a human and that’s how everyone perceives you. So talk, feel, socialize and act like it as much as you can. That’s the most important thing if you want to become a love brand!

And remember: Often, an unsatisfied customer can become your most fanatic brand evangelist! It’s up to you!

Bottom line, your business online reputation is a full time job. Just as when you open your door, walk on the street, pick up the phone and talk to friends and customers, it is as crucial to socialize and be a professional online too, if you want your business to join the digital era with the best possible online reputation and profit!

Our Digital Marketing and Social Media solutions can help you build the best possible online reputation for your business! Don’t hesitate to ask what we can do for you!

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