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Computer Usage of Households In Cyprus Rises to 70.3%!

Computer Usage of Households In Cyprus Rises to 70.3%!

Information and Communication Technologies Usage in Households and by Individuals, 2013 annual survey

According to this year’s survey of the Statistical Service, conducted during the first quarter of 2013 by interviews in 1.664 households and 3.663 individuals 16 – 74 years old and covered all the government controlled areas of the Republic of Cyprus, there is a notable increase to the percentage of households with access to a computer.

But as we see it this is not the only notable result. The big news is that 67.7% of Internet users are members of social media networks like Facebook, Twitter etc.! Also, the decrease in desktop computers and the increase of mobile devices is another very interesting fact.

The main results of the survey are the following:

70.3% the computer access of households increased in 2013 (69.7% in 2012)

27.3% the usage of desktop computers decreased in 2013 (28,8% in 2012)
62.0% the usage of laptop computers is stable (62.4% in 2012)
18.7% of households have access to a tablet computer

67.7% of Internet users are participating in social networks like Facebook, Twitter etc.

19.8 % of users made online orders for goods and services in the first three months of 2013
53.4% of users ordered clothes and sports goods
49.8% ordered travel arrangements (tickets, hotel, car hire etc.)
85.7% of Internet activity is findinginformation about goods or services
74.7% of Internet activity is sending/receiving e-mails

91.1% of households with dependent children own a computer
60.7% of households with no dependent children own a computer
65.5% the individuals that use the internet/ increased (60.7% in 2012)

99.5% of households use broadband internet connection
10.5% of the households with Internet access have mobile connection to the Internet (via handset/ broadband card/ USB)

94.7% of users are between 16 and 24 years old
99.0% of users are students
16.4% of users are between 65-74 years old
63.3% of users are men
60.3% of users are women

95.2% of the individuals used a search engine to find information
72.3% sent e-mails with attached files (documents, pictures, etc.)
59,8% used the Internet to make telephone calls
Source: Statistical Service

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