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Why Your Social Media Pages Are Not Successful

Why Your Social Media Pages Are Not Successful

If your pages in social media are not doing well and you have no clue why that is, we do.

Who Are You?
Important things you probably haven’t thought about before engaging in social media that you should answer in detail before doing anything else: your aims, your expected returns, your focus areas, your audience, your place in the market and your competitors.

Who Are They?
Your page’s followers/fans/connections should care about what you have to offer. It’s ok to have many likes and followers but if they don’t need your products or services they are of little help to you. Target your core audience and try to connect with people who need you.

Where Are You?
The most important thing for a brand to do in social media is to be social; present, useful, polite and fast. If your clients have questions that you answer once a week or not at all then the best thing you can do is delete your pages because they are damaging your business.

What Do You Look Like?
How attractive are your pages? Do you use carefully picked and edited images for all your status updates? Is your cover and profile image in accordance with your brand’s image? Free online image banks and editors can give you great results for your personal pages. Brands are treated totally different. If you still haven’t figured it out then take a look at a successful competitor and it will be obvious.

What Do You Say?
Yeah, ok. Content is king but not any content. Even if you publish posts every single day, if they are not interesting, useful and sharable, you are just annoying people.  Updates need serious work and preparation.

OR you could hire a professional to give your business the best possible online presence in social media!  ;)

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