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Twitter Remains The Fastest Growing Social Media Network

Twitter Remains The Fastest Growing Social Media Network

Twitter was expected to be popular at first but as it seems the concept of 160 character limit was much more effective than anyone thought!

At the beginning we all found it cute but no one really thought that the 160-character limit would allow people to share their stories and so, we were all waiting for the fall. As it seems, not only people adapted to the 160-character limit by condensing their stories and avoiding irrelevant information or multiple paragraphs but they also found it super cool.


What’s more, Twitter was found to be the ideal social media platform for the instant sharing of news and events around the globe under specific tags called #hashtags which makes their search fast, easy and accurate, even better than Google Search. Most recent world events, sports and news can be now found in Twitter, written mainly by people that were there and shared their experiences in just 160 characters. Need more?


Celebrities from all around the globe are now Twitter users, instantly informing their fans about anything notable (or not) happening in their lives making traditional and online media look outdated. Justin Bieber alone has 44.4 million followers while Katy Pery has 42.6 million! About 135.000 users register every single day which is 1.5 accounts registered and 9.100 tweets send every second!


Twitter has become one of the most powerful ways for a brand to expand its reach and awareness but the limit of 160 characters requires real smart, interesting and sharable content along with the correct hashtags in order to succeed.


Here’s a very interesting infographic about Twitters amazing growth:

Twitter Growth Infographic

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