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Turn Your Customers Into Passionate Brand Advocates!

Turn Your Customers Into Passionate Brand Advocates!

More than half online users tweet about their favorite brands, products and services!

Social media have the power to spread the news about your business while sometimes a special group of fans can become your best and costless advertisement!

But how can you harness your followers and fans to get your message out? The answer in two words is ‘’be social’’ but it can be broken down.

Here are a few easy tips to try: 

Connect with as many of your clients as you can
Some clients may have visited your store just once but loved it or needed your services years ago but were very pleased with your job. Others could have just liked the salesman or your decoration or the name of your store, the reasons are so many. What is important is to find most of your customers online, manage your online presence and connect.

Stay human and they will stay human to your brand
From time to time, stop acting like a brand and talk to fans like a human. Saying “hello”, “good morning” or addressing to certain customers by their first name is something they will not only appreciate but actually love. And most possibly you will become their ‘’love brand’’!

Give them reasons to talk about you
It can sometimes happen without your efforts but generally you must provide your customers with valuable and sharable information on your products, services or industry in order to make them talk about you. You should also try to stand out with an exceptional customer care, your quality and interest in your customers.

Talk about them too
What most brands use to do is talk talk talk as if they are on TV and people are obliged to watch. However, this won’t help you at all with Social Media. Give your customers value and share or retweet an important message, make a comment, press the ‘’like’’ and ‘’favorite’’ button showing them that you are not a deaf page that advertises products. You are active and you care.


Bottom line, be social. Nowadays, your brand’s prestige is not at stake if you are social. However it is at stake, when you have a social media presence and you are not social.


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